• Elden Ring Is Steam's Most Anticipated Game After Taking Top Wishlist Spot From Dying Light 2

    6 days ago - By Game Informer

    Elden Ring is seemingly the hype train that just won't stop and with less than two months to go until release, it is now officially Steam's most anticipated title.
    That's because From Software's upcoming action RPG is now the most wishlisted game on Steam. It's an impressive feat for Elden Ring as Techland's highly-anticipated sequel to 2015's Dying Light held that spot for 12 months, as reported by Eurogamer. Steam's “Top Wishlists” page is a great indicator for Steam player hype, but unfortunately, it does not reveal any specific numbers.
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  • Elden Ring's Character Creator Has Leaked

    Elden Ring's Character Creator Has Leaked

    6 days ago - By Gaming Bolt

    Elden Ring will finally be in our hands in less than two months at this point, but for a game that's this highly anticipated, people are always starving for more new details, footage, and tidbits even this close to launch. With Elden Ring , we have some of that here.
    YouTube user ER-SA was apparently part of another recent closed network test, and has been posting new gameplay clips of the game of late. One of these clips, interestingly enough, gives us our first look at the game's character creation screen. It's still not in its finished state, but it does show the character creator in...
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