• Casual Mobile Game BallDog! Is Back With No Microtransactions, Improved Graphics, and More

    7 days ago - By Droid Gamers

    BallDog! is dead... Long live BallDog!
    Developer Gammes has just re-launched its loveable canine casual game, after taking it back into the shop for a full overhaul.
    For the uninitiated, BallDog! is a physics game along the lines of Angry Birds and its ilk. It sees you launching a dog through the air from a catapult and then trying to keep your run alive for as long as possible.
    It's a great concept, but Gammes admits that its original execution was flawed. The first incarnation of BallDog! Had performance issues, some less-than-stellar graphics, and a monetization model than included...
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