• Save 10% on Switch OLED consoles and bundles at Very

    1 month ago - By VG 247

    The Nintendo Switch OLED has been out for eight months now, and it has kept well in stock in the UK so we're seeing some great bundles as well as discounts appearing at various retailers. The Switch OLED is £50 more expensive than the standard Switch with a retail price of £309, but for that money you get a bigger OLED screen, a more secure kickstand, a better dock to connect it to your TV, and an internal storage boost. That price difference has been cut by more than half at UK retailer Very, thanks to a ten percent discount code.
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  • Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold the 3DS in Japan

    Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold the 3DS in Japan

    1 month ago - By Gaming Bolt

    The Nintendo Switch's incredible success has been clear to see for as long as it's been around, and over five years on from its launch, it's very much maintaining that momentum. As of March 31, the console has sold over 107 million units worldwide - and unsurprisingly, a huge chunk of that has come from its sales in Japan.
    After the latest weekly Japanese sales charts , the Nintendo Switch has now outsold the lifetime sales of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. A graph comparing the sales of the two systems shows an impressive trajectory for the Switch.
    Incidentally, this also makes the Switch the...
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