• Subnautica's 1.0 update hits Xbox One in three weeks

    6 monthes ago - By Destructoid

    Exploration fans shouldn't miss Subnautica. The underwater alien adventure game does a masterful job of stoking curiosity and fear. It's best on PC, but there's also an Xbox One version if that's where you're looking play. Next month, Subnautica will ditch the console's Game Preview program at long last.
    The full 1.0 launch for Subnautica on Xbox One is set for December 4, 2018.
    Digital copies will update automatically for free, while a physical copy will be available through Gearbox Publishing on the same day in the United States and beginning December 7 in Europe.
    "We extend our most...
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  • Xbox Game Pass Gets Pre-Loading, Starting With Crackdown 3

    Xbox Game Pass Gets Pre-Loading, Starting With Crackdown 3

    6 monthes ago - By Gaming Bolt

    The incentive to simply use Game Pass instead of actually buying games on Xbox is increasing. One of the big issues with Game Pass until now, at least for new game releases, was that you couldn't actually pre-load the games on your console. You had to wait till release day to download them, which meant you couldn't play them right away if you wanted to.
    That changes soon, since Xbox Game Pass will be getting pre-loading starting with Crackdown 3, which is due out on February 15 2019, as Xbox's Mark Ybarra confirmed in a tweet today. In fact, technically it is available now, in that Game...
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  • Final Fantasy XIII Might be Most Ambitious Xbox One Backward Compatibility Game to Date

    6 monthes ago - By US Gamer

    Xbox One is now the best place to play FFXIII.
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