• Star Ocean: First Departure R Announced for PS4 & Switch, Worldwide Release Confirmed

    3 monthes ago - By VG Chartz

    Square-Enix have announced Star Ocean: First Departure R , a remake of the PSP title Star Ocean: First Departure , which will be coming to PS4 & Switch this year.
    First Departure itself was a remake of the original Star Ocean , although it wasn't revealed what extra features will be included to warrant the ' R ' subtitle.
    It was announced that First Departure R would be receiving a worldwide release, which is good news considering the PS4 & Vita port of Star Ocean: Second Evolution stayed Japan-only despite the game already being translated into English for its original PS1 release...
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  • Star Ocean First Departure R Heading To PS4, Switch

    Star Ocean First Departure R Heading To PS4, Switch

    3 monthes ago - By Game Informer

    Square Enix has announced that Star Ocean First Departure, a PSP remake of the first Star Ocean game, is now headed to PlayStation 4 and Switch with an additional letter in its name.
    Star Ocean First Departure R is a hi-res update to the original PSP game. Gematsu is also reporting the title will include "additional features." No release date or price has been announced.
    This isn't the first time a Star Ocean game has seen the re-release treatment. The fourth game in the series recently saw a 4K update for PlayStation 4 and PC. That one was priced at $20.99, which hopefully means First...
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