• Team Asobi Officially Joins PlayStation Studios, Gets a New Logo And Plans to Expand

    19 days ago - By PlayStation LifeStyle

    Team Asobi, the Tokyo-based game studio behind the Astro Bot series of games, has officially become part of PlayStation Studios. The studio also revealed a new logo, Twitter and Instagram social channels, and mentioned that it will be “spreading its wings and growing bigger.”
    Team Asobi is the newest internal studio within the PlayStation Studios family!
    Read a note from the team behind PS5 charmer Astro's Playroom pic.twitter.com/aAnYUqQjwv
    - PlayStation June 2, 2021
    Founded in 2012 under Sony's Japan Studio, Team Asobi created The Playroom for the PlayStation 4, which utilized the...
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  • Team Asobi Is PlayStation Studios Newest Addition

    Team Asobi Is PlayStation Studios Newest Addition

    19 days ago - By CG Magazine

    Team Asobi, the development team responsible for Astro's Playroom and Astrobot: Rescue Mission have been established as their own studio under PlayStation Studios, making them the latest addition to Sony's first-party lineup.
    The announcement came via the official PlayStation blog , that Team Asobi has officially been made its own fully-fledged studio within PlayStation Studios rather than just a team under the JAPAN Studios wing. This announcement isn't all that surprising, particularly because it was announced just four months ago that JAPAN Studios would be reorganized and restructured...
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