• God of War: How to Get Anchor of Fog

    3 days ago - By Game Skinny

    Anchor of Fog is important in God of War. The resource is your key to unlocking the best treasures of Niflheim. Acquiring Anchor of Fog takes some luck and effort, though, and you'll need to brave a few dangers.
    In this God of War guide , we'll tell you exactly where to find Anchor of Fog, what it is, and what treasure you can expect to get using it. The Realm Tears they unlock are also full of deadly challenges, but should you manage to make it out alive, some powerful assets are yours for the taking.
    What is Anchor of Fog For in God of War?
    Normally, you would use Mist Echoes to get...
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  • God of War Chaos Flame Locations: How to Upgrade Blades of Chaos

    God of War Chaos Flame Locations: How to Upgrade Blades of Chaos

    3 days ago - By Game Skinny

    God of War Chaos Flames are some of the most important items in Midgard. Finding and using these is the only way to upgrade the Blades of Chaos , which you'll need if you want to tackle God of War 's more difficult challenges. But if you're here, you're wondering how to get your hands on them.
    We'll explain just that in this God of War guide. Finding Chaos Flames is mostly a matter of defeating certain bosses, though the last Flame takes a bit more work to obtain. Here's what you need to know about their locations. Note, there are story spoilers below , so tread carefully!
    All God of War...
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