• Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE pre-orders available now; Collector's Edition revealed

    14 days ago - By Gaming Nexus

    Spike Chunsoft revealed the pre-order editions, including a fancy collector's edition for their upcoming lucid noir adventure game Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. Players will take control of Yuma, an amnesiac detective-in-training followed by a Shinigami to solve cases by examining crime scenes and gathering evidence. Mystery Phantoms will try and prevent you from progressing, so dodge their lies and slash their contradictions with the Solutions Blade!
    The collector's edition called Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Mysteriful Limited Edition includes:
    The Book of Death: Art Book...
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  • IOS games will now be even more expensive than Android games

    IOS games will now be even more expensive than Android games

    14 days ago - By Droid Gamers

    If you thought that the Apple Tax was already bad on iPhones, get ready for even more trouble. In a new development, Apple is making iOS games cost more than they already do.
    Are iOS games more expensive than Android games?
    After years of almost-equality between Android and iOS prices, Apple has revealed plans to increase the prices of iOS games. Targeting traditional purchases and in-game microtransactions, every facet of iPhone gaming is about to get more expensive.
    Via Apple's official website , “the price of apps and in-app purchases on the Apple App Store will increase”. However, they...
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