• Maximus Cup 30 Offers the Chance to Earn Previous Themes in Tetris 99

    12 days ago - By Nintendojo

    Tetris 99 is rapidly approaching its 30 th Maximus Cup. Starting on August 5, players will be able to play and try to earn a number of previous themes from past Maximus Cups. There will be a different theme to unlock depending on what day and time you log on:
    New Tetris99 MAXIMUS CUP! Earn past in-game themes from 8/5 - 8/10 for 10 points each. Tetris Official
    SuperMario3DWorld + BowsersFury
    MarioGolf : Super Rush
    The Legend of Zelda : SkywardSwordHD
    WarioWareGetItTogether !
    Samus Edition pic.twitter.com/4HSJti18qp
    - Nintendo of America August 2, 2022
    Between August 5 and 10...
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