• Full Timesplitters 2 4K Remaster Hidden in Homefront: The Revolution, but the Code to Play it Has Been Lost to Time

    11 days ago - By PlayStation LifeStyle

    With Easter having just passed last weekend, game developers were invited to share the best Easter eggs they'd ever hidden in a game. One of the more surprising replies was from Matt Phillips regarding a fully playable native 4K port of TimeSplitters 2 hidden in Homefront: The Revolution .
    My proudest moment. Fully playable, native 4K port of TimeSplitters 2 hidden in this arcade machine in Homefront: The Revolution. pic.twitter.com/a4UsyOw7eh
    - Matt Phillips April 4, 2021
    The game can be found on a beat-up arcade machine in a prison complex called The Bourse in the Philadelphia area of...
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