• Insomniac Caves On Puddlegate, Admits Spider-Man Needs More Puddles

    6 monthes ago - By Game Informer

    While earlier we found out that today's Spider-Man update includes a new game+ mode and a new difficulty , it also includes some features that were kept out of the update notes. The new update includes some photo mode improvements, like the ability to access photo mode quick, to rotate stickers, and even a few new stickers themselves.
    The game's lead UI artist, Gil Doron, showed off the new change in a tweet.
    We have a new patch today! Not only do we have NG+, but we added a bunch of stuff in Photo Mode, including:
    stickers frames rotation for stickers shortcut to Photo Mode with the...
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  • Spider-Man New Game Plus And Ultimate Difficulty Out Now

    Spider-Man New Game Plus And Ultimate Difficulty Out Now

    6 monthes ago - By Game Informer

    A new update has gone live for Marvel's Spider-Man today, pushing out the much requested New Game+ and Ultimate difficulty updates. There are also two new associated trophies.
    New Game+ lets you go back through the story with all the suits, powers, gadgets, and upgrades you had when you ended it. Ultimate difficulty is the hardest Spider-Man challenge yet and is a good option for those that want to play the game in a different way while doing trophy cleanup.
    Speaking of trophies, both New Game+ and Ultimate are getting their own trophies added, though presumably you can combine the two...
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