• Far Cry 6 Bows: How to Get Every Bow

    1 month ago - By Game Skinny

    Every bow in Far Cry 6 has its place, but you don't have to wonder where that place is. All but one of the bows in Far Cry 6 can be obtained through upgrading camps. Only the Bullseye Bow must be obtained through other means, and it can be a bit of a pain.
    Let's go over how to get every bow in Far Cry 6 , including the elusive Bullseye Bow.
    Recurve Bow
    The first bow is the Recurve Bow. It's a basic weapon, which means you can't do anything with it until you've upgraded it. All you have to do to get it is build the Guerilla Garrison at any of your existing camps.
    If you've got two other...
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  • How to Destroy Tanks in Far Cry 6

    How to Destroy Tanks in Far Cry 6

    1 month ago - By Game Skinny

    From armored vans to missile-firing helicopters, Far Cry 6 is full of various vehicle types. But one type that may have you rummaging around your Resolver backpack for an answer is the tank. And if you're here, you want to know how to destroy tanks.
    Tanks become increasingly common as you open new territories in Yara and increase your overall heat level. These behemoths can be the source of a lot of pain. From the hail of machinegun fire to the thudding explosions of their cannon volleys, tanks can mess you up in a hurry.
    Since it takes some real effort to track down rocket launchers in...
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