• One Piece Odyssey: My Treasure Quest Guide

    5 days ago - By Game Skinny

    One Piece Odyssey players need to complete "My Treasure" side quest, if they want to obtain the Yagara's Lost Item. In this quest players are required to collect special Germa 66 dolls for the Crybaby Hien.
    Let's go over how to complete "My Treasure" quest in One Piece Odyssey to sate Crybaby Hien.
    My Treasure Quest Guide
    Speak to Crybaby Hien
    Image via Bandai Namco
    In order to start the quest you need to travel to the Water Seven City and speak to a crying boy, who stands near the Cafe Park, which is indicated on the map above. He will ask you to find all five Germa 66 dolls and bring...
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