• Fallout 76: Where to Farm Floaters

    8 days ago - By Game Skinny

    Fallout 76 Floaters are the result of FEV experimentation on flatworms by West Tek. Loved by Super Mutants, they're often seen together, with Floaters acting almost like pets. These newer enemies are part of daily or weekly challenges, and since they drop various explosives when killed, they're valuable enough to farm.
    Floaters come in three varieties: Floater Gnasher, Floater Freezer, and Floater Flamer. As the names suggest, they have elemental correspondences:
    Gnashers = acid.
    Freezers = cryo.
    Flamers = fire.
    Fallout 76 Floaters typically appear in groups of three, with one of each...
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