• Death's Door: All Weapon Locations

    1 month ago - By Game Skinny

    Death's Door is simple in that its mechanics are quick to learn, but it's not an easy game if you aren't properly equipped. You will begin the game with a sword, though you're likely going to want to get that upgraded by the late-game, and you've got a few options at your disposal.
    There are four weapons scattered throughout the game, with varying degrees of difficulty to attain. This guide will cover the locations of all four in detail, so you can ditch your lame sword for something better (or something worse if you opt for the umbrella playthrough).
    Death's Door: All Weapon...
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  • Death's Door: All Shrine Locations

    Death's Door: All Shrine Locations

    1 month ago - By Game Skinny

    Death's Door is rife with items to collect.This guide will focus on the 16 crystals found at the vitality crystal shrines and magic crystal shrines. Each one will give you one crystal of its respective type, four of which can be cashed in to upgrade either your health or magic.
    This means that with all crystals collected, you are able to upgrade both your health and magic to the maximum twice.
    If you're an achievement hunter , you're in luck: collecting all of these crystals will earn you a 50G achievement called "Zen," on top of buffing your character to the max.
    All Shrine Locations in...
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