• Offworld Cheats, Tips, & Hack for Unlimited HP & God Mode Unlock

    Offworld is an arcade game developed by Tengu Games , an independent studio from The Netherlands. They also published Elementalist but their best creation so far is Offworld which won third place at Indievelopment in 2013. The game is, at the moment, available on the website of the developers and it is a client that needs to be downloaded to your PC and installed.
    In Offworld you firstly take a side. Then, you hope in your favorite airship and you start a deadly match with other combatants. The game is an arcade so it's meant to be simple. Both faction start with 500 HP and each time an...


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  • This 20th anniversary Pokemon timeline sure is nostalgic

    This 20th anniversary Pokemon timeline sure is nostalgic

    "1999. Pikachu becomes a star."
    I'm scrolling through this official timeline celebrating two decades of Pokémon, and it's all coming back. Ken Sugimori's iconic artwork on the game boxes and trading cards. The opening battle in Pokémon: The First Movie with Donphan blowing my adolescent mind. The mini-games in Stadium ("Rock Harden" and "Run, Rattata, Run" were and still are my favorites). Getting a GameCube with Super Smash Bros. Melee and thinking it was just about the coolest thing.
    Skipping to 2016, the anime is now in its 19th season, Nintendo is bringing back Red , Blue , and...


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  • Entertaining 'Pac-Man'-Esque 'Globber's Escape' from Robomodo Gets Update with New Content

    Entertaining 'Pac-Man'-Esque 'Globber's Escape' from Robomodo Gets Update with New Content

    Robomodo's Globber's Escape [ Free ] was a solid little Pac-Man-esque game that released in 2014, and the game's just gotten an update on iOS that brings it up to par with the Android version and adds in some new features. The game's gotten a bit of a visual upgrade with new colors for the protagonist Globber, as he shifts hues depeer and deepr into the game. And 4 new rooms, though only on higher-end devices, along with various new tweaks and social features to finish out the experience.
    While there are plenty of Pac-Man games on iOS, Globber's Escape is still a solid little take on the...


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  • Saturday Morning RPG Available January 26 on PS4 & PS Vita in North America

    Successfully Kickstarted in 2012, and already available on PC/mobile, Saturday Morning RPG from developer Might Rabbit is coming digitally to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on January 26 in North America, complete with cross-buy.
    As for a European digital release, Mighty Rabbit said, "We just got set up with SCEE, European release will probably be late [February] at earliest. Definitely on the way!"
    There will also be a physical version of Saturday Morning RPG available on PS4 and PS Vita through Limited Run Games . The different editions go on sale at 7am PT/10am ET and 3pm PT/6pm...


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  • AH Weekly Poll: What Stood Out For You During CES 2016?

    AH Weekly Poll: What Stood Out For You During CES 2016?

    CES is always a big to-do, with plenty to see and tons of new products to look forward in the year that follows the event. This year we saw loads of new consumer electronics but less of a mobile device presence, although there were some mobile phones unveiled as well as shown off during the week of the conference from the likes of Huawei, ZTE, BLU, and a couple of other smaller brands. There were also a few showings from the VR, wearables, and smartwatch categories, with companies like Fossil announcing their new Q54 pilot smartwatch, and HTC announced their next generation of the Vive...


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  • Take A Sneak Peek At Google's New Canadian Campus

    Take A Sneak Peek At Google's New Canadian Campus

    Google has had a presence in Kitchener-Waterloo area since 2005, but when they opened up their new engineering office there, even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed up to express his excitement and support. He also made it known that his government has promised to invest in the innovation and the infrastructure Canada needs to stay on the forefront of mobile and wireless technology. With the new facility, Google's Canadian arm has signed a 10-year deal to occupy the 185,000 square foot building that will host more than 400 engineers. They will work on both hardware and software products...


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  • Croixleur Sigma Hits PS4 on January 19 in North America & Europe

    Previously expected in December, Croixleur Sigma from Playism is coming to PlayStation 4 on January 19 in North America and Europe for $14.99.
    With the PS4 version, Playism added an increased resolution, a cartoon shader that brings the anime characters to life like never before, new characters, a dress-up system, new weapons, and new animations for the special attacks. It will feature Japanese audio only.
    There will be a PlayStation Vita version that follows in early 2016, and it will carry all the same improvements. According to a recent reply on Twitter, Croixleur Sigma will include...


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  • The biggest misconceptions about Star Citizen

    The biggest misconceptions about Star Citizen

    Cloud Imperium Games' Star Citizen has been shrouded in a lot of controversy since its conception back in 2012. The sheer amount the game promises in the vein of space simulators along with the gorgeous visuals its been showing off just looks (and sounds) too good to be true.
    Add the fact that the game has raised around 100M dollars as of the 25th of December, 2015 making it the first crowd funded game in the world to have achieved such a feat, it's only natural to say that there will be a lot of people taking on a pessimistic view.
    You need only look at any video related to Star Citizen...


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  • Nintendo's First Mobile Game Releases in March, More With "Famous Characters" in 2016

    Nintendo's first mobile 'game', Miitomo , is still awaiting release this year after its reveal late last year. And now we're getting word out of Japan that the game will hit in a couple of months. The normally-reliable Dr. Serkan Toto, who was the first to say to "expect the unexpected" with Nitnendo's first mobile game - and I don't think anyone was really expecting Miitomo - reports in a series of tweets that Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said to Japan's Mainichi Shimbun that the first smartphone game from Nintendo will release in March. It's assumed this is Miitomo , but has not...


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  • Xiaomi Investing In Virtual Reality & Robotics Research

    Xiaomi Investing In Virtual Reality & Robotics Research

    With the smartphone market no longer the Holy Grail it once was at the start of the decade, it seems like every other tech company is jumping onto the VR bandwagon of late. Which is understandable to a large degree, seeing as a lot of industry watchers have tipped virtual and augmented reality to be the future of consumer technology over the next decade or so. With a number of global tech biggies like Samsung, Sony and HTC already burning the midnight oil on their much talked-about upcoming VR headsets, it now emerges that Chinese smartphone giant, Xiaomi Technology, is also betting big on...


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  • David Bowie Was in a Video Game and It's Being Given Away For Free

    David Bowie Was in a Video Game and It's Being Given Away For Free

    After David Bowie's tragic passing, Square Enix offers Bowie's lone video game appearance, Omikron: The Nomad Soul, for free for fans looking to remember the fallen rocker.
    When David Bowie passed away suddenly due to complications with cancer on January 10th, he left behind a wealth of creative endeavors: Iconic songs, an imitable fashion style, a well regarded filmography, and, unknown to many fans, a single appearance in an obscure Dreamcast game. Yes, while The Thin White Duke was known for living loudly, his lone video gaming outing slipped by quietly, largely unnoticed by the...


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  • Top 10 Best Benchmarking Apps For Android

    Top 10 Best Benchmarking Apps For Android

    Benchmarking can be done for various aspects of your smartphone. You can benchmark the processor speed, the GPU, and so much more. All of which should be taken with a grain of salt as it can't completely recreate the real world, but they can get pretty close these days. There are many great benchmarking apps available for Android. Let's take a look at a few.
    AnTuTu Benchmark
    AnTuTu is probably the most popular benchmarking app available on Android. It tests the user experience, as well as the GPU, RAM, I/O and so much more. It also detects cheating and keeps cheating smartphones from...


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  • FCC: Meetings With AT&T and T-Mobile Were "Productive"

    FCC: Meetings With AT&T and T-Mobile Were

    One of the resurfacing topics of conversation over the last year, has been that of Net Neutrality. While the actual debate on Net Neutrality has somewhat moved on since its rules and regulations have been introduced by the FCC, the debate as to what constitutes as breaching Net Neutrality regulations has been the main talking point of late. In fact, a number of the carriers in the U.S. have been the subject of the FCC's glare recently, albeit for different reasons.
    In the case of T-Mobile, the debate of Net Neutrality focuses on the likes of their various uncarrier moves likes Binge On...


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  • Android TV: Outlook For 2016 & CES Round Up

    Android TV: Outlook For 2016 & CES Round Up

    Now that 2016 is finally here, it is time to start looking forward to the year ahead. In the Android TV world, this is a little harder to do though, as there is currently limited information available on what we should expect. Of course, last week one of the largest consumer electronic events, CES, took place in Las Vegas and this is typically where you might expect to gain some insight into how the rest of the year will pan out. A large number of companies and manufacturers are in attendance at the event and showing off most of the devices they have coming over the new few months and the...


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  • 'Traffic Rider' Review - Stop Riding Those Brakes, AI

    'Traffic Rider' Review - Stop Riding Those Brakes, AI

    Although plenty of racing games existed before mobile, I feel like the advent of iOS and Android devices spawned a whole new era. While it's generally difficult to craft high quality simulation experiences for PC and console platforms, tons of developers are able to create arcade-like games for mobile, often times to great success. This goes for none other than Traffic Rider [ Free ], which feels like a fully-fledged racer in its own right.
    So what's the point of Traffic Rider ? Well, to ride through traffic of course! Using a motorcycle to split lanes and weave in and out of traffic...


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  • Final Fantasy XV To Feature Two Different Styles Of Battle, Will Have No Difficulty Settings

    Final Fantasy XV To Feature Two Different Styles Of Battle, Will Have No Difficulty Settings

    Final Fantasy XV has done away with traditional difficulty settings, exchanging them instead for different battle modes to adjust the speed and style of the game experience.
    One of the biggest changes coming in Final Fantasy XV is its almost entirely real-time battles. Enemies will be met and fought on the field, not in separate fight screens, and experience is only earned when your party sets up camp.
    Lead game designer Takizawa Masashi responded, stating : "The equivalent to difficulty level settings in Final Fantasy XV is a system where you can switch between different battle modes...


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  • Nintendo's 2016 Includes NX, Anime, and Mobile

    Nintendo's 2016 Includes NX, Anime, and Mobile

    Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima reveals Nintendo's plans for 2016, which include the reveal of the Nintendo NX, anime TV shows, and mobile gaming apps.
    Ever since Satoru Iwata's untimely passing , all eyes have been on Nintendo to see which direction the company will take in his absence. Nintendo's new president Tatsumi Kimishima hasn't made any big moves since earning the position last year, but he has now laid out Nintendo's plans for 2016.
    First of all, Kimishima made reference to the Nintendo NX , which will be the first console to launch under his leadership. Kimishima...


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  • Pokken Tournament: Pokemon Fighting Game Lands Release Date

    Nintendo allows gamers to catch a glimpse at the release date for the much anticipated Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament, which is set to hit Wii U in March.
    Nintendo hasn't exactly become the most reliable publisher as of late when it comes to announcing release dates for its products. Two of last year's most anticipated holiday releases, Star Fox Zero and The Legend of Zelda for Wii U , were both pushed back well into 2016, but now the company has set a formal release date for one of its more exciting spin-off games in recent memory, Pokken Tournament . Fortunately for consumers...


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  • Background music is coming to Xbox One, but not anytime soon

    Background music is coming to Xbox One, but not anytime soon

    In case you weren't aware, fans have been asking for the ability to play background music on the Xbox One since launch, and we haven't gotten many updates in regards to its availability. Last year Microsoft said it was too busy working on other things and didn't prioritize it, and it seems like that's the case this year too. When asked by a fan, Phil Spencer replied "won't be before the summer, sorry to say." So it is being worked on, it just won't come anytime soon.
    It's not a huge dealbreaker for me, but I know a lot of people care about it.
    Phil Spencer [Twitter]


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  • President Obama has a Decent Amiibo Collection

    President Obama has a Decent Amiibo Collection

    Amiibo fever has certainly swept across the US and the rest of the world since the figures were first released by Nintendo back in 2014. Nintendo fans gobbled up the figures, which can be used in Wii U and 3DS games, but usually just end up on a shelf. Surprisingly, it seems that they've not only ended up on random gamers' shelves, but also those of the President of the United States. In an interview on YouTube, conducted by YouTube personalities Destin Sandlin, Ingrid Nilsen and Adande Thorne, a shelf full of Amiibo can be seen in the background. It'd be one thing if this interview was...


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  • CyanogenMod 13 Nightlies Reportedly Come With New Camera App

    CyanogenMod 13 Nightlies Reportedly Come With New Camera App

    Whether you are new to the world of alternate Android ROMs or are a seasoned veteran, chances are you are familiar with CyanogenMod. If you are of the latter group, the seasoned pros, then you will be well-versed in CyanogenMod, while if you are of the newer persuasion, then with CyanogenMod being the almost default alternate ROM to try, this is likely to be the first of the ROMs that you will encounter.
    Either way, for those who like to live on the bleeding edge of CyanogenMod, this normally equates to the various nightlies that are on offer. The benefit of a nightly is that you get to...


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  • Sprint's Latest Regional Presidents Hires are New to the Company

    Sprint's Latest Regional Presidents Hires are New to the Company

    In the last few years, there's been a lot of shake ups. After Sprint was unable to convince the FCC to allow them to merge with T-Mobile after SoftBank bought them, Sprint went ahead and got a new CEO and drastically changed just about everything about the company. Begun cutting costs, dropping the price of their rate plans and have even laid off a number of workers - with plenty more layoffs coming this month. The company is looking to cut around $2.5 billion from any and every area of the company. Executives have stated that the company is simply wasting money on things that don't need...


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  • Samsung Launches Messaging App 'Chat Hub' For Gear S2

    Samsung Launches Messaging App 'Chat Hub' For Gear S2

    When it comes to smartwatches, Samsung's Gear S2 is one of the most capable on the market right now and certainly one of the most popular. Although it doesn't run Android Wear and may have less available apps, there are still quite a few things one can do with the device and now that includes using the previously announced Chat Hub application for the Gear S2 to send messages from your wrist. This should make communication much easier for Gear S2 users if not also a little bit more fun and convenient. If you own a Gear S2, you can grab the app from the Gear store as of now.
    Once you have...


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  • Nintendo confirms its first mobile game release will arrive in March 2016

    Nintendo confirms its first mobile game release will arrive in March 2016

    Whether or not you consider Nintendo's first offering for mobile users an actual game, the company has come out today to confirm when Miitomo would be landing on mobile devices. Originally announced in the Fall of last year, Miitomo is Nintendo's first of five planned releases for mobile users, all of which will be published by DeNA after the two companies formed a partnership last year.
    For those of you who missed our previous article about Miitomo, this 'game' is designed more as a social application than an actual game, at least from what we have heard and seen so far. Nintendo is...


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