• Oh BOY, Kratos is the next Fortnite crossover

    1 month ago - By Destructoid

    Ares killed his family, so now he's going to kill 99 of you guys while flossing.
    On the heels of yesterday's Galactus-vanquishing event, Epic has new theatrics lined up for Fortnite. God-killer Kratos has leaked as the next crossover.
    It started with this extremely not-subtle teaser from PlayStation:
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  • The Fortnite Galactus Event Was Fine

    The Fortnite Galactus Event Was Fine

    1 month ago - By Game Informer

    The closure of the Fortnite Nexus War season has been a huge point of hype for players , especially coming off of the heels of that insanely good Travis Scott in-game concert (seriously, I'm not even a fan of his music but that was incredible). So when it was confirmed that Galactus was going to be what this particular closed on, players were primed and ready with front row seats to the latest event. So how was it? It was fine.
    The event itself centered around the mighty Galactus making his slow emergence from the water, before basically screaming in player faces to let them know he means...
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