• Hood: Outlaws and Legends Trailer Features the Flail-Wielding Mystic

    24 days ago - By Gaming Bolt

    Sumo Digital has revealed the fourth and final class in its upcoming Hood: Outlaws and Legends. The Mystic is an interesting combination of stealth, melee combat and support with a number of abilities that can be beneficial for his allies. Watch game director Andrew Willans explain in the trailer below .
    Employing a flail, the Mystic has strong range in combat with his heavy attack capable of whip-shotting and stunning foes from a distance. He can also throw out poison to sap the stamina from foes and has the fastest stamina regeneration of all the classes. As for his Ultimate, Instinct...
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  • Hood: Outlaws and Legends Gets New Mystic Class Trailer

    Hood: Outlaws and Legends Gets New Mystic Class Trailer

    24 days ago - By Gamers Heroes

    Learn more about the Mystic playable class in Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive's Hood: Outlaws and Legends with IGN's exclusive video for the game.
    In the following video, Game director Andrew Willans explores the Mystic playable class. The Mystic's name is Tooke, he wields a crowd-controlling flail, and his Ultimate attack is called Instinct.
    You can watch it below:
    Hood: Outlaws and Legends - Official ‘Mystic' Exclusive Trailer
    Hood: Outlaws and Legends has players joining one of two teams of four players to execute the perfect heist. Featuring PvPvE gameplay, each area is set in...
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