• Who is the Voice Actor for Lorath Nahr in Diablo 4?

    7 days ago - By Game Skinny

    Lorath Nahr is returning in Diablo 4 , taking on a much more central role than he held in the franchise's previous title, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. While he was first introduced as somewhat of a background character, Lorath's place in the story has grown, seeming to rival the significance of the player's main character.
    Now that Lorath Nahr is being placed at the forefront of the story in Diablo 4 , many wonder who voices the returning character.
    Let's cover what we know about Lorath Nahr and the character's voice actor.
    Who Voices Lorath Nahr in Diablo 4?
    While it is yet to be confirmed...
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