• How to Turn on Trainer Mode FIFA 19

    9 monthes ago - By Attack of the Fanboy

    FIFA 19 has a lot of different moves to commit to memory, plus a brand new timed shooting mechanic that has a meter to use. Thankfully, there's an option to turn this user interface option on or off in the options menu during any game and it's hiding in plain sight.
    The Trainer can be accessed from the pause menu during any match. Simply press the pause button and the select the Trainer Box. It's right in the middle of the screen. Once in this new menu you'll see a number of different options that can be applied to the FIFA 19 tips that are displayed on screen.
    These include options for...
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  • FIFA 19 How to do a Low Cross

    FIFA 19 How to do a Low Cross

    9 monthes ago - By Attack of the Fanboy

    There are numerous ways to use crossing passes in FIFA 19 and it's relatively simple to do if you want to use the basic controls. A crossing pass can be pulled off by pressing the X button.
    However, if you want to have a little bit more control over your crossing passes you can do the High Cross and Low Cross techniques. This guide will go over the low crossing pass.
    The Low Cross is exactly what the name says, it's a low pass that keeps the ball low to the ground while passing it to the center or other side of the pitch.
    How to do Low Cross in FIFA 19
    Xbox: RB + X
    PlayStation: R1 + X
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  • FIFA 19 How to Fake Pass

    FIFA 19 How to Fake Pass

    9 monthes ago - By Attack of the Fanboy

    The Fake Pass in FIFA 19 is another easy move that is used to get defenders out of position. There are a number of different situations that the Fake Pass can be used for, but it requires that multiple buttons be pressed in sequence to be executed. After the correct input, your player animation will make it look like they are getting ready to pass when in reality they are going to continue dribbling.
    To do the Fake Pass in FIFA 19 you're going to do it similarly to the Fake Shot. This time you'll be using the X Button and the A button very quickly one after the other. Pressing these...
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  • FIFA 19 How to Use Active Touch

    FIFA 19 How to Use Active Touch

    9 monthes ago - By Attack of the Fanboy

    Active Touch in FIFA 19 is a brand new gameplay system that allows you to pull off some incredible moves without the need to memorize some of the skill moves that have been in FIFA for quite some time. The new system is all centered around clicking in the Right Thumbstick when you have possession of the ball or when you are about to receive a pass.
    With the new Active Touch system you can click in the right stick to flip the ball up and start juggling or you can use to do a unique first touch where any number of things can happen depending on the player's rating. A number of different...
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