• Evil Dead: The Game - Best Survivor Characters

    1 month ago - By Game Skinny

    There are 13 playable survivors in Evil Dead: The Game , categorized into four different groups: Warrior, Leader, Hunter, and Support. It can be tough for new players to select the best characters in these groups, but don't worry: this guide is here to help.
    We'll detail their biggest advantages, as well as their weaknesses, which may come in handy when forming your survival team.
    Best Survivor Characters in Evil Dead: The Game
    Ash Williams
    Class Type : Warrior.
    This variant of Ash Williams is very strong at melee combat , especially when he deploys his Chainsaw. He's also good at...
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  • Evil Dead: The Game Survivor Class Skills Guide

    Evil Dead: The Game Survivor Class Skills Guide

    1 month ago - By Game Skinny

    To get good at Evil Dead: The Game you must first understand the difference between the four Survivor classes. Each plays a different role, and you'll want to compose balanced teams. Since Evil Dead is also a hero-based game, this means picking a Survivor you like and feel comfortable with in each class.
    Initially, it doesn't seem like Evil Dead: The Game 's characters are that different from one another, but as you spec them out , you will be able to make each character your own. But before you do that, let's get to know the classes.
    A Closer Look at Survivor Classes in Evil Dead: The...
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