• PS4 8.00 Update Causing Multiple PSN Errors: Here's What They Mean

    7 days ago - By Game Skinny

    Sony pushed out the latest PS4 update on October 14, which adds in new avatars, party options, parental controls, and enhanced two-step verification. It also removes event and private community creation and makes changes to the remote play app.
    But not everything's going so smoothly. The PS4 8.00 update seems to be causing a number of PSN errors. Here's what they mean and how some users are getting around them until Sony releases an official fix ( which they say they're currently working on ).
    PSN Error WS-44369-6
    Error WS-44369-6 relates to online interactions with friends and is keeping...
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  • PS4's 8.00 system update messed with parties and fans are annoyed

    PS4's 8.00 system update messed with parties and fans are annoyed

    7 days ago - By Destructoid

    It hasn't been a smooth morning for anyone who downloaded the 8.00 update for PlayStation 4.
    In the short-term, friends lists aren't working - they'll try to load but an error message eventually pops up instead. Sony hasn't publicly acknowledged the issue yet, but it will presumably be fixed soon.
    In the long-term, update 8.00 made a change to the way the party chat system works - one that seemingly won't be reversed - and players have been venting on Reddit and social media platforms.
    "Party and Messages will be more tightly linked together and you will see changes to the UI," said Sony...
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