• Tekken 7 Reaches 7 Million Sales, Lidia Sobieska Now Available as Last Character of Season 4

    28 days ago - By PlayStation LifeStyle

    The last we heard of Tekken 7 back in September, the game had just passed the six million sales mark. In just six months, the game has sold another 1 million copies to reach a grand total of 7 million sold according to Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. The title shows no signs of slowing down either, with Lidia Sobieska joining the fray this week as the final character of Season Pass 4.
    Revealed last August, Season 4 has introduced plenty of free content for everyone including new moves for every character on the roster, Tekken Prowess (a new indicator of a player's total skill and...
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  • Tekken 7 smashes past seven million sales, reports Harada-san

    Tekken 7 smashes past seven million sales, reports Harada-san

    28 days ago - By Destructoid

    Despite approaching its fourth anniversary, it seems that there's no stopping Bandai Namco's excellent 3D fighter, Tekken 7. According to a coy tweet from producer Katsuhiro Harada, the latest installment of The King of Iron Fist tournament has now surpassed a huge seven million sales milestone.
    The sunglasses-sporting head honcho teased the figure on Twitter while responding to a fan's praise, noting that the fan was now "one in seven million " with a sly wink. This figure is not only impressive from a standalone perspective, but comes a mere six months after Tekken 7 officially hit six...
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  • Tekken 7 Sales Top 7 Million Units

    28 days ago - By VG Chartz

    Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada via Twitter announced the fighting game, Tekken 7 , sales have surpassed seven million units sold worldwide as of March 22, 2021. This is up from six million sold in September 2019.
    Tekken 7 launched for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC in June 2017, and it is currently in its fourth season. The game first launched for arcades in 2015.
    Now, one of 7 million ;)
    - Katsuhiro Harada March 22, 2021
    Here is an overview of the game:
    Discover the epic conclusion of the Mishima clan and unravel the reasons behind each step of their ceaseless fight...
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