• MLB The Show 22 Gets PS Plus Premium Game Trial

    1 month ago - By PlayStation LifeStyle

    MLB The Show 22 PS Plus Premium game trial has gone live. The game, which ranks among 2022's best-sellers in the United States, is now free to play for a limited time across all platforms including the Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. On PS4 and PS5 specifically, the trial lasts four hours of game time, following which you can purchase the full game for a discounted price of $39.59.
    MLB The Show 22 PS Plus offer details
    MLB The Show 22 game trial is currently only available for those who are subscribed to PS Plus Premium. Until July 21st, all players - regardless of whether they're PS...
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  • Play Pass Games: Best Play Pass Games On Android

    Play Pass Games: Best Play Pass Games On Android

    1 month ago - By Droid Gamers

    As far as video game subscription services go, we're quite a fan of Google Play Pass. That's not just because we're Droid Gamers, but because the best Play Pass games are fantastic!
    If you've just got Google Play Pass and you want the best experience possible, you need to try the best Play Pass games. Of course, with the Play Store, it can be hard to find the best, so we've collated this handy list! Check a look!
    Best Play Pass Game: Stardew Valley
    As one of the best farming games ever, Stardew Valley's mobile port is a must-play game. If you're a fan of classic Harvest Moon - or current...
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