• Two Point Campus Gets Launch Trailer Showing Off its Goofy Sense of Humour

    12 days ago - By Gaming Bolt

    Two Point Studios has released a new launch trailer for its upcoming university management sim Two Point Campus. The trailer shows off an emphasis on the goofy sense of humour for the game. Check it out below.
    The trailer shows off some of the facilities that can be built in Two Point Campus , with examples including a cauldron for some sort of magical potions class and an obstacle course for spy training .
    The trailer also gives us glimpses of the bizarre sport of Cheeseball from Two Point Campus -a sport which was further detailed in an earlier trailer .
    Two Point Campus is currently...
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  • Two Point Campus Review: Top of the Class

    Two Point Campus Review: Top of the Class

    12 days ago - By Game Skinny

    Running a school is tough business, especially when your culinary classes are just a front for a secret spy school. Two Point Campus is a management sim where you build a flourishing university while trying to juggle a variety of kooky elements.
    It feels like the perfect follow-up to 2018's Two Point Hospital , with a zany sense of humor and strong strategy systems that make for an absolute blast. Two Point Campus gets the most important thing about management games right: it's about the big picture rather than the minutiae.
    Two Point Campus Review: Top of the Class
    Your goal in Two Point...
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