• Mass Effect Legendary Edition Requires 11.8 GB Day One Patch

    12 days ago - By VG Chartz

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition went gold in early April, however, it looks like with about a month between going gold and its launch on May 14 the developers are still working on the game.
    The game will have a day one patch that is about 11.8 GB in size, which was discovered by Twisted Voxel on the PlayStation servers. The changelog for the patch mentions improved performance, stability, lightings, and Ambient Occlusion , as well as fixing crashes and other miscellaneous fixes.
    At least for the PC version, the game is going to require around 120 GB of hard drive space. No word yet on the...
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  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets 11.8 GB Day-One Patch to Improve Performance and Stability

    12 days ago - By PlayStation LifeStyle

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition is over a week away from release but its hefty day-one patch has apparently gone live for PlayStation. As spotted by TwistedVoxel, details of the update were published by Orbis Patches, a website dedicated to extracting patch details from Sony's servers.
    The patch weighs 11.8 GB and comes with the following notes:
    Improves performance
    Improves stability and fixes crashes
    Improvements to Ambient Occlusion
    Lighting improvements - both visual and performance-related
    Miscellaneous content fixes
    No further information or detailed patch notes are available yet, but...
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  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Get an 11.8 GB Day One Patch

    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Get an 11.8 GB Day One Patch

    12 days ago - By Gaming Bolt

    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may have gone gold about a month ago, but as is usually the case with games that go gold, that doesn't mean it completely wrapped up development. BioWare has been working on polishing the game further, and many of those fixes are going to be added to the game with a day one patch, as is often the norm. As discovered by Twisted Voxel , the remastered trilogy's day one patch - spotted on Orbis Patches - is seemingly going to be quite a big one.
    Coming in at 11.8 GB, the update will bring about several visual and performance improvements to the game. The patch...
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