• Grab Some Free Death Stranding Avatars From PSN Before November 10th

    8 monthes ago - By PlayStation LifeStyle

    If you haven't had enough of Death Stranding ‘s baby in a jar, also known as BB, you might want to head over the PlayStation Store and use the following multi-use code to grab some free avatars:
    This offer is valid until tomorrow, the 10th, so don't miss out! A preview is available below courtesy of Twitter user Wario64:
    Free Death Stranding BB avatars on US PSN w/ code 47XM-C3N8-GTFN pic.twitter.com/ZuZoopQvk9
    - Wario64 November 8, 2019
    Do note that the code only works in the United States and Canada. Even if you download the avatars using a secondary account in the region...
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  • Death Stranding PC Will Launch on Epic, Steam Store Simultaneously

    Death Stranding PC Will Launch on Epic, Steam Store Simultaneously

    8 monthes ago - By Game Rant

    Death Stranding has launched and is already the target of controversies, from the early "walking simulator" comments, to the recent accusations of gamers review bombing the game on Metacritic. However, it looks like Hideo Kojima's newest title is at least free of one controversy that has plagued a number of games as they release on PC to a hail of negativity online. While Death Stranding was originally announced as a PS4 exclusive, it was recently announced that it would be released later on PC through 505 Studios. In a post to Death Stranding 's Steam page, the game's community management...
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