• Sea of Thieves' Major Content Update ‘The Hungering Deep' Release Date Revealed Along With New Trailer

    One year ago - By Gaming Bolt

    We had announced last week that we would have a release date for Sea of Thieves' new content update known as The Hungering Deep by now. Well, the release date is here and it is May 29 which means that we'll be seeing it fairly soon! Along with the announcement of the release date, a new trailer has also been revealed which offers glimpses of what we can expect to see with this content update.
    The Hungering Deep is one of six major updates that Rare has planned to release throughout the year. In the trailer, we hear a pirate talk about “great terrors from the deep” and about people who try...
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  • Sea of Thieves ‘Hungering Deep' Trailer Confirms May Release

    Sea of Thieves ‘Hungering Deep' Trailer Confirms May Release

    One year ago - By Game Rant

    Sea of Thieves developer Rare is excited to announce that The Hungering Deep, first major content update for the pirate adventure game, is on track to launch May 29.
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