• Jump Force reviews round-up, all the scores

    6 monthes ago - By VG 247

    Jump Force releases on February 14 but you can check out the reviews now.
    Jump Force is a celebration of Shonen Jump icons, sticking them all together in an explosive fighting game alongside some new, original characters.
    After you've created your own avatar, you can battle your way through its story mode or jump straight into PvP battles. The roster is full of characters from the likes of Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Naruto, each with their own signature special moves and abilities.
    An ambitious crossover of this size needed exciting and over-the-top fighting and Jump Force delivers just...
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  • Jump Force review - There's Goku, and Luffy, and my favourite Naruto; they're all here!

    Jump Force review - There's Goku, and Luffy, and my favourite Naruto; they're all here!

    6 monthes ago - By VG 247

    You don't get more anime than this.
    In the first two minutes of Jump Force , New York has been destroyed by flying people in pants, Goku's already turned super saiyan, and you've been resurrected with a magic cube by a time-traveller with purple hair, a sword, and a robot.
    While it's not a perfect game, Jump Force does its best to make the most of its source material, combining its varied roster of superstars, fan-favourites, and deeper cuts from across Jump history, with a tactical, twitch-heavy combat system.
    Jump Force Review
    It all starts when you take an energy blast to the face from...
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  • Jump Force Review

    Jump Force Review

    6 monthes ago - By CG Magazine

    Remington Joseph
    When Bandai Namco first announced Jump Force during last year's Microsoft
    E3 press conference, I was skeptical to say the least. Though I'm a huge fan of most Shonen Jump series, I was never quite able to forget the sour taste left by the last major crossover title of the same nature, J-Stars Victory VS+. Still, I cautiously followed Jump Force during the course of its development, hoping that developer Spike Chunsoft would learn from their previous mistakes and deliver on what should be an epic title in the realm of anime-based fighters. Although my prayers...
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  • Review: Jump Force

    Review: Jump Force

    6 monthes ago - By Destructoid

    There's so much raw potential for games based around anime. Most of it is squandered in favor of style over substance, but every so often a developer will surprise us.
    Jump Force isn't one of those projects that elevates itself above the framework of a brawler, but it isn't just pure pageantry either.
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