• You can't buy card packs in Fallout 76 for real money

    6 monthes ago - By VG 247

    If you watched the Fallout 76 keynote at QuakeCon earlier today, you would have seen the unveiling of the new perks system.
    To summarise, perks are now cards that you unlock throughout the game, equipping them to your character in different stat slots to give yourself buffs. See our Fallout 76 perks list for some examples.
    At certain intervals, you are also awarded card packs. Open them up and you get some random cards to use, a stick of gum to chew on to decrease your hunger levels, and a daft joke.
    Because of how card packs resemble loot boxes, I wondered if they were going to also be...
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  • Fallout 76 beta, release date, multiplayer, nukes, story, map, mods, gameplay - everything we know

    Fallout 76 beta, release date, multiplayer, nukes, story, map, mods, gameplay - everything we know

    6 monthes ago - By VG 247

    Bethesda's E3 showcase dropped more than a couple of bombs, but one of the biggest was the official announcement for Fallout 76, a shared world prequel set in a post-apocalyptic West Virginia.
    It's Fallout as we've never seen it before - inhabited by other players. So, how does multiplayer work in Fallout 76 exactly? We've got the lowdown of that and more right here, so pull that crank, open the vault door, and join VG247 as we venture out into the new world together.
    Fallout 76 release date
    The Fallout 76 release date is November 14, 2018. Bethesda announced it during June's E3 showcase...
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  • Bethesda Challenges Definition Of Reselling Games With Legal Action

    Bethesda Challenges Definition Of Reselling Games With Legal Action

    6 monthes ago - By Game Informer

    Although the recently-detailed Fallout 76 has major online components, Bethesda is one of the publishers championing the creation of single-player games. But these games tend to be more prone to being resold, and according to a recent report, it may also be championing legal action against people trying to resell their games after buying them.
    According to Polygon , Philadelphia resident Ryan Hupp purchased a copy of The Evil Within 2 with the intention of later getting a PlayStation 4 to play it on. He eventually decided to upgrade his PC instead, which made the sealed PS4 copy of the...
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  • Here's How Fallout 76's Perk System Works

    6 monthes ago - By Game Rant

    The video game publisher and developer Bethesda officially releases a brand new trailer during QuakeCon 2018 detailing how Fallout 76's perk system will work.
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  • Fallout 76: more details on PvP, murder, revenge, and base building after a nuke provided at QuakeCon

    6 monthes ago - By VG 247

    Multiplayer in Fallout 76 sounds rather interesting, going by what was discussed during a panel at QuakeCon 2018.
    Bethesda Game Studios hosted a Fallout 76 panel at QuakeCon 2018 today, and one of the subjects touched upon was player versus player.
    During the discussion on stage , panel host and associate director of content Gary Steinman, producer Todd Howard, project lead Jeff Gardiner, and development director Chris Meyer reiterated many points regarding multiplayer. However, more details were provided on many PvP aspects which should help reassure those worried about running into...
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