• Twisted Metal Director David Jaffe Says ‘PS5 Reveal is Less Than 4 Weeks Away'

    2 days ago - By PlayStation LifeStyle

    Update: David Jaffe says he has no more information than the rest of us and is simply speculating about a February reveal based on currently public leaks and rumor.
    1 As a kid from Bama, I'm very glad to see ‘reckon' used in a headline. Makes me crave CrackerBarrel +Uncle Jessie's moonshine.
    2- If I had company secrets , I wouldn't spill them. I'm just going off the rumors I'm hearing online+history. This is not news. Thx. pic.twitter.com/sqyedvvQG7
    - David Scott Jaffe January 16, 2020
    Original: With the PS5 scheduled to launch later in 2020, fans are eager to see the console's official...
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