• Spider-Man, HZD, and The Legend of Zelda - Or Why Towers Can't Meet Our Lofty Expectations

    5 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    Since Ubisoft's 2007 mega-hit Assassin's Creed , towers have become ubiquitous - seemingly countless open-world games now have them.
    Often used to reveal new map areas and collectible locations, players can expect to scale spires in a range of titles.
    In 2017 alone, I spent over 150 hours of playtime across two new tower-centric titles: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn .
    Zelda 's towers were standard-fare - clear the enemies at the base and reach the top. Fortunately, I was so excited to be climbing in a Zelda game, the rote gameplay of these sections passed me...
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